5 Reasons why Pure linen shirts for men is the new normal?

Do you know that some of the wise men believed that pure linen shirts for men were the best amongst all?

To prove this they stated:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Leonardo Da Vinci

Linen is good because it looks trendy and at the same time it’s very comfortable

Akshay Kumar

If this is not sufficient for you, as it was not for me too, I would. disclose to you the greatest secret which baffled me too.

In today’s world, more than 75% of people have started to show symptoms of skin allergy and some showing clear signs of skin cancer due to the use of synthetic fabrics.

The best way to stop them is by adopting slow fashion and in particular to pure linen clothes that are an investment not an expense for life.

Not only do pure linen shirts for men make an extensive attempt to save your life but also is a way to stay close to nature in a true sense.

If one makes an attempt to experience nature in its purest form, a pure linen shirt is a must for him to buy.

Even now, if you are not convinced, don’t worry because the reasons you read as you go ahead would convince you to buy a pure linen shirt for men.

So, let’s start…

Pure linen shirts for men 

Pure linen shirts are often considered a luxury and there is no reason to deny owing to the cost which one has to pay. Not only are they expensive but they need exquisite care and storage to maintain them in the long run.

pure linen shirt for men

Some facts that everyone must know about Linen which make it the best among all others.

Why Linen?

The 5 reasons are:

  • Linen is up to 3 times stronger than cotton – To ensure that it will surely last longer if cared for properly
  • Linen is the strongest natural fibre – Making it appropriate to be counted as a luxury 
  • Linen is absorbent and remains fresh for a long time – Making it suitable to be wor several times in a lifetime
  • Linen is considered to be one of the most sustainable textiles on earth – Making it provide the wearer with a timeless look at every place
  • Linen is a legacy that one can pass from one generation to another without a second thought

But before I provide you with the complete science to buying linen shirts and you make up your  mind and find resistance in buying one, let’s start from the origin


To trace back its origin, we would like to visit the civilizations of Egypt where it started and later due to its commercialisation, also became a currency for the barter. 

It is made from the fibres of flax which are woven intricately to produce a luxurious textile referred to as linen. Since the flax is generally of higher quality in colder climates, Belgium grows the best flax in the world and becomes the finest linen producer serving the world.

What is linen shirt?

A shirt that is made of linen textile and creases naturally would be counted as a linen shirt. Though the shirts that are widely available online boast about it being pure linen, there are several categories to the same.

Types of linen:

Linen could be classified into several types based on its weave

  • Damask Linen

This is a delicate version of linen and has often been used when it comes to decoratives or occasional wear. Several patterns or looks can be created using the damask linen.

  • Plain woven linen

This is the most common of all and is widely used. They could be plain, checkered or striped in nature.

  • Loosely woven Linen

This is most commonly used in reusable diapers and hence, rarely used for clothing or shirts in specific.

  • Sheeting Linen 

This is closely woven linen and has strong cohesiveness among its fibres making it the best for clothing use.

Even after knowing the several types, people are duped into buying a blend considering it pure linen. Hence, it becomes primal to have a basic understanding of the blends available in the market. 

Blends of Linen

  • Linen Rayon: As the name suggests, it contains Rayon in it and is mostly used for women clothing.
  • Linen Cotton: This is the most common blend available in the market which is often confused with pure linen. This provides several benefits as that of linen but isn’t as breathable as linen.
  • Linen Polyester: This is generally used to avoid any wrinkles that are inherent to linen but isn’t natural at all.

If you feel confident that with knowledge of the types and blends, you can ace the process of buying a pure linen shirt for men, let me guide you to understand the benchmarks which again leads to several categories of linen.

Benchmark of Linen

Linen yarns are measured in “Lea” which provides for several yards in a pound of linen when divided by 300. Hence, one lea will provide 300 yards per pound.

Thus the more the better implying that as we go up the count from 40 Lea to 120 Lea the finer, better and durable.

The most common ones available in the market would be 40 Lea and 60 Lea for the making of a shirt. The cost for these would range from Rs 500 per metre for a width of 58” and go up to Rs 1800 per metre.

As for a fabric of 58” width, a shirt would require anywhere between 1.6 metres to 2 metres depending upon the physique of the individual, hence giving us a fair price for a shirt’s fabric coming out on average at Rs 2100.

If you wish to get a final shirt stitched from it, it can easily be bought starting from Rs 1800 to the finest cost in thousands.

Since this was too technical, I don’t assume you get it all but this must be used by you when you buy low-cost pure linen shirts assuming it to be pure.

Hence, some precautions you must take before buying pure linen shirts would be

Precautions to be taken before buying Pure Linen Shirts-Men

Pure linen shirts men
  • Check for the tag mentioning the Lea count of linen
  • If not present ask the seller
  • Check if it is not a blend
  • To avoid any confusion, buy from brands specialising in it

Some famous Brands selling Pure Linen Shirts for Men

Linen shirts for men- Raymond is considered to be great considering the wide reach of the brand and brand loyalty as a consequence of the great collection specifically designated for Linen.

These guidelines would help you be a professional at buying pure linen shirts men. 

Though the classification of the linen shirts is never-ending owing to the pace of the developments in the textile industry, few types of linen shirts would include

Types of Linen Shirts for Men

  • Casual linen shirts for men
  • Formal linen shirts for men
  • Designer linen shirts for men
  • Linen shirts for men wedding
  • Linen shirts for men for beach wedding
  • Linen shirts for men for occasions

It is common nowadays to find Linen shirts for men on sale, but with the complete knowledge of the construction and the fabric, I assume most of you will take the mindful decision while buying men linen shirts and not get fascinated by the linen shirts prices.

Before one proceeds to buy one linen shirt, one must be aware of the timing I.e 

When to wear linen shirts?

Though there is no particular time to wear it. It turns out to be the best in summer and spring giving one the airy feel and absorbent quality to sustain heat. When worn in the other seasons, it doesn’t weigh you down but adds to your rich appeal.

To make sure the linen shirts stay with you for long, you must know how to care about them.

How to wash linen shirts?

How to wash linen shirt

Since the linen holds up a natural crease, you must not worry about wrinkles that appear on it. One should embrace the wrinkles as in the case of linen, they are a mark of luxury.

But to ensure they stay in shape for a long time, few steps must be taken

  • Always ensure that linen shirts are either machine or hand washed without the use of a brush or hard chemicals 
  • Always tumble dry the men linen shirts at low temperature
  • When in doubt, consult a dry cleaner nearby 
  • To iron the linen shirt, always turn on the steam as it keeps the shirt airy 
  • Before ironing, place a wet towel or t-shirt over it and post that iron it. This provides for the unscorched effect

NOTE: If you are unsure about a new caring technique that you wish to apply, first test it out on a small hidden area before washing the entire garment

Let’s conclude

It’s generally considered a Mark of luxury owing to its expensive nature but in reality, it’s a true man’s friend and the reasons would sum it up:

  • It’s breathable and best when one wants natural
  • It’s durable and can be worn several times
  • It’s pleasant to look at as it’s trendy and makes you look timeless always
  • It’s a legacy to pass on
  • It’s your outlook to life by being closest to nature

Hence, it’s one thing a man must possess and flaunt when required.

Now, I won’t tell you to go and buy one because I know you can’t resist buying one now. If you are still confused, go ahead and repeat it.

If you found it useful and wish to know more about it, write to us at parlaniclothstores@gmail.com or you can drop in a comment in the comment box.

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