Finding best kurta pajama for men is just 5 steps away

I didn’t believe the fact that finding the best Kurta pajama for men was a cakewalk until I connected the dots and it’s a treasure I discovered which I must share with you…

Before you believe in anything I say, listen to this

My friend who happens to be a Mechanical Engineer working with transformers once told me that

When the machine has zero friction, the momentum is highest and if any time machine comes back to inertia, it’s easy to get it back on function.

This story kept me thinking as if the human body was a transformer and if there was no friction in mind in terms of stress or anxiety, productivity would be best.

This analogy was again quoted when I started working and I discovered that if my body was free in functioning owing to comfortable clothes, my movements would be better.

Hence, I discovered the secret behind the high efficiency of our ancestors before the advent of western culture who used to carry Kurta Dhoti or kurta pajama and it made them function without any friction…

Isn’t that great?

I know it feels that I am too inclined to our culture and I would promote it but the truth is Kurta Pajama has become the new normal whether formal or ethnic wear is in question.

Many foreigners are adopting freestyle clothing and adopting Kurta pajamas aggressively as a work attire to improve their focus at work.

While others are eagerly adopting the Kurta pajama way of dressing up to an occasion considering it to be the best fit for the small occasions around the year.

There is no doubt that 

Finding the Best Kurta pajama for men is the most difficult question to be answered today. 

Best kurta pajama for men

But I don’t want you to struggle any further and to ease your way, I have invented the perfect guide to getting dressed in the best Kurta pajama for men.

Before I begin to guide you on which fabric, colour and accessories to carry with kurta pajama or how to find the best Kurta pajama for men, it becomes primal for me to go step by step.

So, let’s start

Level 0: What is a Kurta pajama?

Simply put Kurta refers to the loose shirt that was worn by South Asians, the length of which depending upon style either falls below the knees or just above the knees of the wearer.

It started as regular wear in the earlier times and now has become a style in itself representing the attire for the cultural, ceremonial and religious occasions.

Pajama is a loose straight cut lower that keeps the legs at ease while at work still retaining the style in place. 

As compared to its counterpart Salwar, which is cut diagonal and has a greater circumference, it’s more formal and looks better.

While the tradition always flared a dhoti with kurta but since it’s a little complicated to wear and maintain while work in contemporary times, pajama ranked better as an alternative.

Level 1: When to wear Kurta pajamas for men?

If we trace the roots, Kurta pajama for men was a regular attire to be carried to work. Since the economy was primarily agrarian, Kurta pajama for men was the most comfortable attire.

With the westernisation setting in and mechanisation paving the way for the jobs in the office, formal attire changed to shirt pants and slowly with corporate culture, the Oxford suit became the routine of the day.

Did that mean Kurta pajama is gone?

No, it became a better choice to look traditional and a Mark of culture at the occasions. 

Now, the best attire for any occasion would be a Kurta pajama for men but to choose the best Kurta pajama for men would be the most daunting task.

Why do I say so?

Advancements have brought in several variations of Kurta pajama for men and if paired correctly as per the event, a man can easily steal the show.

Level 2: Which fabric to use for Kurta Pajama?

Since the tradition of wearing Kurta pajama started from South Asian countries where the climate is generally warm, the attire was mostly made up of light silk and cotton as it kept the body cool.

But with the advancements, there are endless possibilities to the fabric when Kurta pajama is in question.

The most common fabrics used today to make Kurta pajamas for men would be

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Khadi
  • Silk 
  • Cotton linen
  • Cotton silk
  • Cotton polyester
  • Cotton rayon

While the first five of them represent a luxurious appeal of the wearer, they are expensive and require care. The last three are a lot in fashion as they are easy to carry and don’t require much care.

Based on the occasion, the best Kurta pajama for men would be

Small traditional function

A Kurta pajama for men can either be carved from cotton polyester, cotton silk or cotton rayon. It will make the person at ease attending the function as he would be least bothered about the wrinkles and maintenance.

A cotton Kurta pajama for men could also be used if the occasion doesn’t require much movement and the climate is not hot.

Haldi Ceremony

A plain white kurta pajama for men would be the best attire. The hues of turmeric which are then applied and played with, become visible and cheer up the mood of the wearer and to be the groom.

Cotton Kurta pajama for men in the hues of Turmeric can be used by the groom if he wishes to use it later. 

Ring Ceremony 

For the attendees, Kurta pajama made in cotton silk and cotton linen could be used as it makes the wearer look good.

But for the groom, either Linen or Silk is the best for the attire as it provides a royal touch.

Wedding ceremony

The groom is asked to wear either Linen kurta pajama or Khadi kurta pajama as the sanctity of the occasion demands the purity of fabrics used.

Hence, the best Kurta pajama for men when it comes to occasions that are important to the individual would be 

  • Linen Kurta Pajama for men 
  • Cotton Kurta Pajama for men 
  • Khadi Kurta Pajama for men 

Although the kurta pajama for me would not be worn alone if the groom is in question as in that case, it would be worn with either a complete open long jacket or a printed Bundi to enhance the glow on the face of the groom.

Hence, this brings us to the question i.e. what to wear with Kurta pajama for men?

But before we discuss the complementary items that go along with the kurta pajama for men, we must know the meters of fabric that is required for the kurta pajama for men.

Level 3: How much meter of fabric is required for kurta pajama?

To understand this, a prerequisite would be knowledge of the width of the fabrics available in the market.

The fabrics available in the market vary as per the following widths:

  • 44”
  • 36”
  • 58”

Depending upon the width of the fabrics, the length of the fabrics would vary i.e. meters of fabric required to construct kurta pajama for men would increase or decrease inversely.

Hence, the fabric required for making kurta pajamas for men of average height and weight would be 

36” – 5 and a half meters 

44” – 5 meters 

58” – 3 and a half meters 

Level 4: What to wear with Kurta pajamas?

This is one of the most intriguing questions to ask as most of the time if the kurta pajama for men is finalised, it still lacks the element to make it count for the ethnic purpose or to make it apt for the groom.

Hence, it becomes primal to understand what needs to be paired with kurta pajama such that a man becomes the eye-catcher of the show and flaunts his style. 

The options available to pair with the kurta pajama would be:

  • Nehru Jacket 
  • Bandhgala
  • Indowestern 
  • Blazer 
  • Long open jacket 
  • Open Sherwani 

What fits the best on the groom or the wearer depends upon the occasion in question. The best kurta pajama for men would be decided as follows:

If the wearer is an attendee at a friends wedding:

Kurta Pajama with a Nehru Jacket 

If the wearer is brother to groom at ring ceremony:

Kurta pajama with Long Open Jacket 

If the wearer is brother to groom at baarat:

Kurta Pajama with Indowestern jacket or Bandhgala 

If the wearer is brother to groom at main wedding function:

Kurta pajama with Open Sherwani 

If the wearer wants to create a fusion outlook pairing the traditional with the western touch:

Kurta Pajama with a blazer 

These are the best suggestions to the question: what to wear on kurta pajama? 

But do you think this is sufficient as without accessories and footwear, the attire is still incomplete? 

Level 5: What footwear to wear with kurta pajama? How to accessorize the kurta pajama for men?

What to wear with kurta pajama

This is an interesting question and often a confusing one as people tend to hold an orthodox belief that Mojris are the best companion to kurta pajama but the reality may be twisted.

So, with the new trends setting in with the upcoming designers making a fusion of the traditional and western cultures, the options have become limitless and I mean it.

The best to choose depends on the occasion, attire style quotient and time of the day but not to forget the ease of work while at the event. Hence, the following options that now available to choose from now when it comes to footwear would be:

  • Sandals 
  • Mojris
  • Kolhapuri Chappal
  • Loafers 
  • Sneakers
  • Monks 

And best would be decided in the following manner:

For a casual function at the friend’s place: 

Kurta Pajama for men must be paired with Sandals or Sneakers

For a marriage function where there is no need to take off the footwear:

The ideal would be to go for Mojris and Loafers 

For a marriage function that requires taking off the footwear:

It’s best to go for Kolhapuri Chappals 

For a wedding reception:

It looks royal to pair the Kurta pajama for men with Monks 

As now it has become clear to decide the footwear w.r.t pairing with the kurta pajama, it’s time to enter the arena to decide the accessories that must be paired with the kurta pajama for men.

What are the accessories to pair with kurta pajama?

The accessories that pair the best when it comes to Kurta pajamas are as follows:

But it’s an action that requires a lot of caution as a wrong pairing would spoil the impression and a right one would steal the show.

So, how should one pair it?

It depends on the occasion in question. If the occasion demands a traditional look, stole comes out as the safest option but when the event is a Royal affair, Kanthi Mala is a must.

Brooch has no such rule guiding it i.e whenever the look requires some elegance, it can be carried along without a second thought.

So with what you have learnt so far, Are you ready to dazzle the show with your look in Kurta pajama?

If you have still some doubts concerning Kurta pajama for men, here’s the guide concluded for you.


Level 0: Kurta pajama for men

An attire that can fit into any occasion and make you leave a mark. Varying from desi Kurta pajama for men ( basic version used regularly) to the wedding Kurta pajama for men ( most eccentric one), the types are endless to experiment with and suit the demands of the hour.

Level 1: When to wear Kurta pajamas?

There’s no such rule to guide you to the right occasion to wear Kurta pajama. but any occasion that demands comfort and ease of work without compromising the outlook – Kurta pajama for men becomes the first choice.

Level 2: Which fabric to use for Kurta pajama for men?

Anything under the sun ranging from cotton and cotton-polyester to the exquisites like silk and linen can be used to make Kurta pajama for men.

Level 3: How many meters of fabric is required for kurta pajama?

Depending upon the weight of the fabric, anywhere between 3.5 meters to 5.5 meters of fabric would be required for a man with average height.

Level 4: What to wear with kurta pajama?

Kurta pajama for men for weddings will require you to pair it with either Bandhgala or open sherwani but for other occasions, you have all the options ranging from Nehru jacket to Blazer.

Last level: What footwear to wear with kurta pajama? How to accessorise the kurta pajama for men?

Though the options are many, you can’t just choose any. 

You must choose wisely keeping in mind the occasion and time of the day to fit in. Ranging from sandals to monks, you can pair any but leave your mark if chosen wisely a positive one.

Similarly, accessories would add a pinch of desired elegance if paired correctly. Don’t forget to put on a brooch whenever you get a chance.

You found your best kurta pajama for men

Wedding kurta pajama for men

Though the trends keep on changing, your style is unique to you. So, carve your style this time with kurta pajama and let’s get ready to rule the event…

If you feel you have certain doubts, you can write to us at

With this, I leave you to decide the best outlook for yourself while wearing kurta pajama. If interested in understanding other looks, read here.

If you wish to get a bespoke kurta pajama for men, especially men for you for the occasion, don’t wait and get in touch asap by leaving a comment in the comment box.

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